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-{{htmlmetatags>​metatag-og:​title=(GestureWorks 2 - API Reference) 
-metatag-description=(A reference for of the GestureWorks API methods, functions and data structures.) ​ 
-metatag-keywords=(gesture authoring, multitouch authoring, gesture-based authoring, gesture markup, gestureml, gesture mark up language, GestureWorks,​ multitouch SDK, Unity, Unity3D, C++, UI gestures, screen gestures, visualizer, API, SDK)  
-metatag-og:​description=(A reference for of the GestureWorks API methods, functions and data structures.) ​ 
-metatag-og:​type=(article) ​ 
-metatag-og:​url=(http://​​doku.php/​api_reference) ​ 
-metatag-og:​site_name=(GestureWorks 2 Wiki- Comprehensive Gesture-Processing Library for Windows Applications) ​ 
-====== API Reference ====== 
-===== Overview ===== 
-The GestureWorks API consists of a series of methods, functions and data structures which are used to connect applications to GestureWorks,​ prompt the core to analyze and process gestures, then return structured gesture event data to the application layer. 
-===== Core Functions ===== 
-The functions available through GestureWorks are as follows: 
-===GestureWorks* initializeGestureWorks(int screen_width,​ int screen_height)=== 
-Initializes GestureWorks with a default set of gestures. This returns an instance of GestureWorks to use on future function calls. 
-===GestureWorks* initializeGestureWorksScreenGestures(int screen_width,​ int screen_height)=== 
-Initializes GestureWorks with default options and a default set of gestures. This is used for screen mode, where gestures are global and not attached to individual touch objects. 
-===GestureWorks* initializeGestureWorksGML(int screen_width,​ int screen_height,​ const char *gml_file_path)=== 
-Initializes GestureWorks with a custom gml file. 
-===void destroyGestureWorks(GestureWorks *gesture_works)=== 
-Deletes an instance of GestureWorks. 
-===bool removeTouchObject(const char *name)=== 
-Removes a touch object from GestureWorks. 
-===bool addGesture(GestureWorks *gesture_works,​ const char *object_id, const char *gesture_id)=== 
-Adds a gesture to an object. This passes in the name of the object and the gesture to associate. 
-===void addTouchEvent(GestureWorks *gesture_works,​ int touch_event_id,​ int touch_status,​ float x, float y)=== 
-Associates a touch event with a TouchObject. The touch_event_id is the point id, x and y are the coordinates for the point, and touch_status is one of: 
- const int GW_TOUCHUPDATE = 0; 
- const int GW_TOUCHADDED = 1; 
- const int GW_TOUCHREMOVED = 2; 
-===int getPointEvents(GestureWorks *gesture_works,​ PointInfo **points)=== 
-Retrieves the current touch events GestureWorks has. These points are retrieved and then addTouchPointToObject is called to associate a touch event with a GestureWorks TouchObject. The PointInfo structure is: 
- struct PointInfo 
- { 
- int point_id; 
- int status; 
- float position_x; 
- float position_y; 
- int timestamp; 
- }; 
-===bool addTouchPointToObject(GestureWorks *gesture_works,​ const char *object_id, int point_id)=== 
-Associates a touch event with a TouchObject. 
-===bool objectHasTouchPoint(GestureWorks *gesture_works,​ int point_id)=== 
-Tests to see if any current TouchObject already has the touch event. 
-===void updateFrame(GestureWorks *gesture_works)=== 
-Updates a frame of GestureWorks. 
-===void updateScreenFrame(GestureWorks *gesture_works)=== 
-Updates a frame of GestureWorks running in screen mode. 
-===int getGestureEvents(GestureWorks *gesture_works,​ GestureInfo **gestures)=== 
-Retrieves all of the gestures for a frame. 
- static const int MAX_GESTURES_FRAME = 100; 
- static const int MAX_GESTURE_VALUES = 25; 
- static const int MAX_GESTURE_NAME = 100; 
- struct GestureInfo 
- { 
- int id; 
- char gesture_type[MAX_GESTURE_NAME];​ 
- char gesture_id[MAX_GESTURE_NAME];​ 
- char target[MAX_GESTURE_NAME];​ 
- int source; 
- int n; 
- int hold_n; 
- float x; 
- float y; 
- int timestamp; 
- int phase; 
- struct GestureValue 
- { 
- char name[MAX_GESTURE_NAME];​ 
- float value; 
- }; 
- GestureValue values[MAX_GESTURE_VALUES];​ 
- int gesture_values_count;​ 
- }; 
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