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Gestureworks 2


GestureWorks 2 is a comprehensive gesture-processing library for Windows applications that leverages the efficiency of C++. GestureWorks allows you to author in the most popular languages for exhibit and application development: C++ and Unity3D. We offer detailed tutorial examples showing how to use GestureWorks with C++, Qt Quick and Unity 3D. GestureWorks provides standardized development and robust support for multitouch gestures. Gestureworks Core provides a complete gesture support kit for touch tables, walls, kiosks, desktop computers, and tablets. A set of default gestures are enabled by default and advanced users can configure gesture recognition by using Gesture Markup Language (GML) without having to make any changes to the application itself.


Gestureworks 2 wiki provides resources to assist you in the process of developing your interactive content. Our documentation contains frequently asked questions, tutorials, and details on handling gestures using Gestureworks 2. In addition to this you will find explanations of the various panels available in the Visualizer application for multitouch and gesture analysis.

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