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GestureWorks 2 FAQ

What are the differences between GestureWorks 2 and previous versions of GestureWorks?

GestureWorks 2 has significant changes and improvements over the previous versions of GestureWorks. GestureWorks 2 is more efficient, stable, and easier to use. Additional details are on our GestureWorks 2 Changes page.

What hardware do I need in order to create applications with GestureWorks?

You need a computer with Windows 7 or later and some type of input device, preferably a touchscreen. You can give GestureWorks formatted input from a touchscreen or any other type of device.

What software do I need in order to create applications with GestureWorks 2?

Windows 7 or later and a compatible programming language. GestureWorks 2 is a Windows C++ library and comes with bindings for Unity. Samples are provided showing how to use GestureWorks with Unity, Qt Quick, and Win32 C++.

What language is GestureWorks core written in?

GestureWorks leverages the power and efficiency of C++.

What languages does GestureWorks support?

GestureWorks is a C++ library compiled in Visual Studio. Any language which will support binding to a library like this will work. GestureWorks also includes a package for the Unity game engine.

What version of Windows is GestureWorks compatible with?

GestureWorks Core currently works with Windows 7 , 8 and 10.

Does GestureWorks work with Linux or OSX?

GestureWorks Core currently works only with Windows, but Ideum has been developing builds to work on more platforms. Please contact us if you want more details.

Does GestureWorks support Android or iOS?

GestureWorks currently works only with Windows, but Ideum has been developing an Android build. Please contact Ideum if you want more details.

Can GestureWorks Core be used to create commercial software?

Yes, as long as the terms of the license agreement are satisfied.

Can I create my own gestures?

Yes. The GestureWorks processing core is configurable using Gesture Markup Language (GML). This means that you can easily create or modify gestures outside of your application without needing to modify the source code. But GML is for advanced users, most users can use a basic set of default gestures.

How many touch points can GestureWorks process?

GestureWorks imposes no limitation on the number of touch points that can be processed. This is limited only by hardware.

How does GestureWorks receive touch points?

The application passes touch points to GestureWorks every frame.

What do I do If I want to pause event consumption from Gestureworks?

You can stop calling any frame update process, such as processFrame.

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