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 metatag-og:​type=(article) ​ metatag-og:​type=(article) ​
 metatag-og:​url=(http://​​doku.php/​c_tutorial) ​ metatag-og:​url=(http://​​doku.php/​c_tutorial) ​
-metatag-og:​site_name=(GestureWorks 2 samples using the popular Qt library and a sample and tutorial using C++.+metatag-og:​site_name=(GestureWorks 2 Wiki- Comprehensive Gesture-Processing Library for Windows Applications
 metatag-og:​image=(http://​​images/​828138ec-d80c-419b-192f-cde0258f2108.png)}} metatag-og:​image=(http://​​images/​828138ec-d80c-419b-192f-cde0258f2108.png)}}
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